Nothing in Particular

Let me introduce myself…

Like I said the short answer is wife, mother of 2 and graphic designer…I guess now turned blogger/jewelry designer. Whoa that’s pretty cool to say! I should mention that I am NOT a writer, so be prepared for run-ons, lots of commas, sentences ending with prepositions (although I do try not do that), and lots of fragments…oh and ellipses I LOVE ellipses. I generally write in the form of stream of consciousness, but your sake I’ll try not to. If you can get passed all of that, maybe find something interesting to try or something you can relate to then we’ll get along just fine!

I think my purpose of this blog is to have a place to put my life. I spend all day with a 1 year old, with little to no adult interaction, there’s only so much peek-a-boo a person can take. I guess, truthfully, I always thought I would be someone important, not to diminish who I am to my kids, but you know out there-in the world. Like I could make a difference in a stranger’s life. Ha! That sounds like a lot of pressure to put on a blog that no one may read. But here goes nothing everything!

I mentioned we’re from Atlanta?! That’s us unknowingly getting ready for the 2016 Super Bowl in NC…it’s still hard for hubs to talk about…but don’t we look cute?!

So here’s the longer answer…

I’m a southern without a southern accent, I usually get told I have no accent or asked if I’m from Ohio or something. No, I was born in Florida, but raised in the suburbs of Atlanta my whole life. Both my parents have slight southern accents so I don’t know where it comes from. I do say y’all quite a bit, but that’s probably because it’s quicker to say and I’m generally pretty lazy. But, I digress, so yea, raised in Georgia, I went to school in Savannah and got a BFA in Graphic Design back when people still used paper and apps was slang for appetizer.

I got a job right out of college as a graphic designer, not my dream job, but I was one of the few who could actually say I was doing what I went to school for and at that time it was definitely rare especially with an art degree. That didn’t last too long, one of my high school boyfriends and I reconnected we got married, had our first child and moved to Florida for his job.

I didn’t do much in the way of work that first year, had our son Conner and took care of him. We moved shortly after to North Carolina where I decided enough was enough and I started my own design firm. It started out as branding for small businesses and quickly turned into special event invitations and stationery. I did that the rest of the time we were in North Carolina. When we found out we were moving back to Georgia, I closed up shop and decided to switch gears.

So here we are now, our second house bought, we’ve had a daughter, Hailey, we’re back as Georgia residents, I’m starting a new career path and we’re still trying to figure it all out. Did I mention all of that happened in 5 years?! Yea, we do everything super fast, making major purchases, having kids, career changes…the list really does go on.

Ok, so that’s the basics on how I got to where I am now. A little bit about my kids, because let’s face it, it’s impossible not to talk about them since my title is “stay-at-home-mom” (SAHM). We have Conner, 5, (you do the math) and Hailey, almost 2. They are my adorable, sweet, pains in the ass. Most of the time they drive me crazy and then they do something so sickeningly sweet that my heart melts and well here we are.

my lil ones

So aside from crafting and organizing life, we have an intense passion for travel. My husband is Russian, so I think that’s where his yearn to travel comes from, I think mine is just a love of different cultures. It’s always funny when we go to start planning a trip (oh you better believe every single day is planned down to the last second)

Here is our Asia Trip, 1 folder for each of 16 days. That’s just how I roll! Just know that you’re in good hand when it comes to organizational tips. I’m just saying!

we do a lot of compromising on what each day will entail. For him, it’s museums and history all day. I’m good with seeing a few must-see highlights, but I get the most pleasure out of just experiencing the local culture. I just want to eat and be immersed in what the locals are doing. I always make a point to find a bar or restaurant a few blocks from the tourist attraction and we’ve never been disappointed. The best part is that not only is it way cheaper than anything you’ll get where all the Americans are but the quality of food is leaps and bounds over anything else. First clue…check to see if the place is filled with locals, if there’s a long wait and it’s nothing but locals you know you’re gonna get something extra special. If there are American menus and all the patrons look or sound like you then chances are pretty high that not only will the service suck (speaking from experience), the food will be sub par and you will most definitely pay 2-3 times more. That’s way more than I wanted to share about travel right now, but it’s all sound advice…trust me 😉 and if you liked that check out the travel category for more tips, tricks and our tours around the world. Maybe I’ll go back and update you on all of our travels until I have a new one to share. We don’t have anything abroad planned until early spring next year.

hubs and I ON the Great Wall… check!

So anyway, I think that’s a decent intro, if I think of anything else I’ll add it later, but you’ll get a better idea of who I am and what I’m about as you travel this chaotic journey with me.

Oh one last thing…I’m completely obsessed with alliterations. I may be terrible at everything else I learned in english class, but alliterations did not escape me. “Calming Our Chaos” “The Boho Bijoux” … If there’s an opportunity I’ll totally spend the extra half hour making it work.

Well that’s a wrap on my first official Calming Our Chaos blog post. I hope you’ll stay tuned, maybe I’ve even enticed you to click that Join button over there to follow me. But either way, I promise there is a lot more to come! I just turned 33, and I’m choosing to make this my year I start to get “it” together.

Until next time…Diana 


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