Clutter Free Life Challenge – Day 1

These are not affiliate links. I’m writing and recommending this author and her books because I discovered them on my own, have read them, am using them and love them. I hope you do too!

I bought Ruth Soukup’s 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life, like a year ago. I read a few chapters and was totally going to take on the challenge, but then we found out we were moving and that, like most other things, got pushed aside for other priorities. But, I’m back and I’m dedicating the next 31 days (maybe more, since I have some serious cleaning to take care of) to decluttering my life.


I highly recommend you check Soukup out. I have another one of her books Living Well Spending Less. (I’ll talk about this one in another blog, because I definitely think it’s time for another 31 day challenge!)

But, I digress. So I’ve started my 31 day challenge for a clutter free life and Day 1 is basically just an intro and mental preparedness. Once of the biggest things she recommends is starting with a “relatively” clean space, it makes it easier to focus on the decluttering rather than on the cleaning because I don’t know about you but once I’ve finished scrubbing counters and mopping floors tackling that disaster of a pantry or the overflowing junk drawer is the last thing I want to do…besides I can just close the door and forget about it. So, if you start with a space that’s “relatively” clean then you can spend your energy on the challenge.

Basically, she suggests planning 20-30 minutes a day for a quick whole house clean up and then setting aside no more than an hour a day for your daily challenge assignment with a little extra time on the weekends for selling or donating the stuff you’re getting rid of. That seems totally reasonable.

Did I mention how great the book is? Not only does it break down each day, but it gives you a bulleted list of your daily tasks and a few inspirational photos at the end of each chapter. (I would have preferred the photos to be in color rather than black and white, but you can always hit up Pinterest for tons more ideas!)

Nothing to show yet, but Day 2 is the Entryway so check back for more!

xoxo, Diana


One comment

  1. okay…my home has become cluttered and I need to do something about it. Am thinking this challenge will be a good thing, so I am going to try and follow whatever it is you are doing each day.


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