The Boho Bijoux

The Boho Bijoux has an identity!

So, like I mentioned before I’ve been a little overwhelmed with cranking out product for The Boho Bijoux and our fast approaching launch date of November 1st! But, I found some time this past week to get back to my graphic design roots and do a little work to start developing the company’s brand and identity.

Here’s a little background on the name…I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit (my husband calls me a hippie!) so I’ve been thrilled to see this ongoing trend of bohemian and hippie style fashion that has been emerging. Plus for those who know me at all I have a slight obsession with anything french (and remember my love of alliterations?!) …bijoux is french for jewels so…there you have it! đŸ™‚

Without further ado I give you…


I’m getting pretty excited to get to the next phase and actually start loading the products online. I’m waiting for a few display pieces so I can start taking product photos. I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

xoxo, Diana


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